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Album Review: Foals- Everything Not Saved Will be Lost Part 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Part 1? There is going to be two parts to this album? Fucking brilliant. I mean every song on this album is everything you could have asked the guys to deliver, every song breathes on its own.

Foals have always experimented with different percussion and synthetic sounds creating a distinct aura that is embedded into an entire generation. This album shows them diving head first into a minimalist approach to rhythmic layering and percussion instrumentation - ‘In Degrees’ particularly stands out, with the guitar interjecting spats of colour like paint to a canvas, it is hard to not envision some type of optical illusion, with bright colours, patterns intertwining while instruments fade in and out and the vocals float across the top with minimal gravitational pull.

The experimentation of the album was lead by the exit of the bassist, leaving Foals as a four piece and therefore having to define themselves without loosing their original, unique sound. Part two is also due to be released in 2019, what will that behold? Hopefully a conclusion to the track ‘Surf, Part 1’, which interrupts the album eight tracks in, and is clearly incomplete leaving us hanging for ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2’ released in Autumn.

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