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Artist Feature: The Rills

‘It’s about C***s on twitter who think they are journalists’

Releasing their new single ‘The Critic’ has allowed The Rills to express their feelings towards ‘internet trolls’ and ‘the c***s on twitter who think they're journalists’, giving their opinion on their music before they have even been to a show. When speaking to the band about the meaning behind the song they expressed their anger towards groups of people who form opinions on music they haven’t even heard just to spark reactions- which worked with these guys evidently. Even though the band have strong feelings toward ‘journalists’ on twitter, social media has also been a blessing for these guys, creating a platform for them to connect with their fans and have a bit of fun.

‘We like to put the current events in a humorous light, as that best conveys our message’

When writing the boys individually write their own opinions through lyrics or music in their hometowns of Lincoln and Essex then together, in London, they piece it all together, highlighting the disaster that is manifesting within our government, and social situation in a humorous fashion. In fact ‘Brexit is a shambles and you should concern yourself with [The Rills] shows instead.

‘It’s not the be all and end all, getting out there with a t-shirt with your next gig on...getting yourself known is the epitome of success’

The humour and irony continues throughout the bands approach to DIY promotion, drummer of The Rills, Mason is the face on the street. He wears clothing with all key information of where their next gig is going to be and visits as many bars as he can across the Northern Line getting wankered along the way. This method of promotion radiates the guys personalities perfectly, as they’re never too shy to get out and create a stir with the public. The DIY ethic has always been prominent within punk and alternative music, this band prove it is still important to the genre stating ‘DIY Baby, everything DIY’, as it creates a genuine image for fans to connect to.

Following on from the release of ‘The Critic’ The Rills have a live BBC introducing session next week as well as a support slot for King Nun at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch ‘which is sure to be a belter’. Of course there is new music to be released also.

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