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EP Review: "Hippodrome" by The Fullers

"All the songs on the EP are lyrically inspired by Dostoyevsky's commentary on suffering and existentialism in order to reflect on an increasing nihilistic society and a culture of instant gratification" The Fullers.

The EP is a collection of lockdown summer anthems, with each song expressing our longing for change in society, juxtaposed with upbeat melodies and guitar solos.

The Fullers at Crown Lane Studios https://www.instagram.com/thefullers.official/

Throughout the EP The Fullers explore the capabilities of expressing emotion through rhythmic techniques. 'Hippodrome', a song influenced by venue closures, uses abrupt changes in tempo and rhythm to enforce the sudden changes that have impacted the music industry. 'Nightjar' will make you want to grab the closest person to you and slow dance until the night draws in- an EP wouldn't be complete without a ballad.

"All the songs on the EP are lyrically inspired by Dostoyevsky's commentary on suffering and existentialism". Throughout the EP The Fullers explore how modern society is believed to be without objective meaning, and how we thrive on instant gratification. 'Song from the Underground', the track named after the novella 'Notes from Underground' by Dostoyevsky, comments on the collection of contradictory confessions which describe a mans alienation from modern society through lyrical simplicity and beauty.

With the members being from Wimbledon the band are usually seen playing in London, hopefully soon when music can fill the capital once again.

"All the bars are empty and the Hippodrome is closed"... for now.

I suggest you listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1l5i6duA4fNZk6B4Nm79k3?si=7z5FybrvRaWgVWl2oybPrQ

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