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Single Review: "Mule Track" by The Blinders

"Pledge allegiance and pledge your soul".

The perfect track to summarise this god awful shit show on earth right now. It's true- "if hell is below...then what is this?" Australian fires, world war three, corona virus, racism and systemic oppression; what has 2020 turned into? The song uses lyrical phrasing to lead into visions of protest, and despair.

Image from

Although the song was written to depict the story of a mule train running through a battlefield, the dirty guitar riffs, intensifying drum beats and drawn out breakdown, can't help but allow us to envisage how all generations have experienced a hell on earth. Paul Nash's 'The Mule Track' displays a mule train crossing a battlefield under heavy bombardment. Perhaps The Blinders are using this metaphor for how we are all trying to navigate ourselves through the world.

The Mule Track, image created by Paul Nash.

'Fantasies of a Stay at Home Psychopath' the follow up album from their debut 'Columbia' will be out the 17th July 2020. Listen to the track here: Watch the Video:

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