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Single Review: "Paradise" by H.U.M.A.N

"We like to think H.U.M.A.N is a band for those that missed the opportunity to see boundary pushing decades of technology and sound and give it to them in a form that still represents energetic, present day music" - H.U.M.A.N


We have all had dreams of being in the sun with the waves crashing in the crystal clear waters and sipping cocktails on the beach during our summer of restrictions, however, we have been treated with an English summer enjoyed from our gardens and face masks, "Paradise" by H.U.M.A.N is the closest thing we will get to our holidays abroad, bringing us the slice of summer holidays we have all been longing for.

With the dream-like melodies resonating, catchy chorus hooks and floating like sensations you could be singing along while driving with the wind in your hair, sun shining on your face on a road trip with your mates- "seems like i'm just dreaming again".

The two piece from North Wales are creating music to encapsulate the essence of 1980's new wave with a modern spin. The band are releasing their debut single 'Paradise' on the 15th August 2020 on all streaming platforms, with plans to tour the UK in 2021.

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