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Single Review: "Sober" by Olivia Browse

If you have ever had a hook up and they've fucked off in the morning before you've had chance to brush your teeth, you're getting over a uni crush or the last mistake you shagged, "Sober" will feel like you're not the only one in the world, as it encompasses all the feelings of loving without getting what you want back.

Olivia's outtake on the portrayal of adolescence and university hookups brings back those deep memories of the guys and girls that only called when they were "too drunk to stand up" and left when the night was over.

The bedroom pop song "Sober" brings together a fun, lively harmony and lyrical melodies holding similar qualities to the likes of Kate Nash and Lilly Allen. It's a song of pure simplicity and its damn catchy, you'll be singing it in the shower (with the 'one' from the night before...hopefully).

Usually Olivia would be found playing around Manchester, and in the coming months Olivia is set to release her second single 'Naked', perhaps this song will also tell a tale that may be all too familiar.

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